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Dear 28th European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS) 2020, Izmir Annual Meeting Participants,


You have decided to attend one of the most prestigious Global Orthopaedic Research Meetings with not only significant scientific impact but also social and cultural substantial influence.

We wish to assist you with this “Travel Guide” before you leave for Izmir.

Packing: The average temperature in Izmir is about 24°C (record min. 19°C and record max. 29°C) in September ( Except when there is rain, daytime is usually clear, sunny and pleasant. Bring comfortable walking shoes as shopping, sightseeing of cultural and historical places, and museums will be major events. You may focus on sun protection if you plan to be in open air between 1 and 4 PM. You will also need a hat and sunglasses. Don’t forget your swimwear if you intend to swim or go to the Turkish bath. Swimming in the in door and out door pools of the Swissotel Grand Efes or enjoying the SPA ( are unforgettable experiences; we don’t want you to miss them! There is no special dress code for most restaurants and almost everyone is comfortable in his or her shorts, jeans, t-shirts and sweaters. Or…., you can spoil yourself by simply forgetting your pack behind! Turkey is the world’s 7th largest textile and the 5th largest ready-to-wear clothing exporter including almost all brand names. You may consider buying your full wardrobe including your shoes from Izmir for obviously reduced prices.

Visa: You may need to obtain a visa before going through passport control. Visa can be purchased electronically ( or upon arrival at Istanbul or Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airports. Keep in mind that the visa stations at the airports may be busy and the electronic visa would be the best approach to be on time for your connections.

Phones: Your mobile phone works in Turkey if you have registered for international calls with your operator in your country. Vodafone, Turkcell and Turk Telecom are the three operators. Temporary phones and packages can be found at airports and city centers. If you need to call the event manager, her name is Ece and her mobile is +90.312.4405011. In case you need assistance please present this number to authorities and she will certainly help you.

Electricity: Turkey operates on 220V/50Hz AC. Two-pin round plugs are used. If you are arriving from Japan, United States or United Kingdom, you need an adaptor. Most hotels provide USB charging units for your headphones, mobile phones and computers however to be on the safe side, do not forget to bring your chargers and adaptors.

Currency: Is Turkish Lira (TL). Exchange rates of a Euro or US Dollar are about 6.8 and 6.0 TL. There are offices in the airport and all hotels and banks will exchange your money. Most shops and even taxis typically accept Euro or US Dollar; however, you need to clarify that with the shop or taxi driver and make sure the exchange rate is reasonable. 5 TL tip to the driver and 10 TL tip to the waiter will suffice. We add about 10 % tip at restaurants but this is usually in cash. Almost all hotels, restaurants, travel companies and shops accept credit cards so you will only need small amount of cash for short-distance travelling and tipping.

Banking: Banking services, ATMs and currency exchange offices are available at the airports and city center. Banks are open from 08.30 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday, with a lunch break from 12.00 to 13.30. They are closed on the weekends and on public holidays. ATM machines function 7/24. a commission can be charged during cash advancements.

Flight: Now you are ready to take your comfortable seat and turn on the music of Hadise ( in the airplane. She is a Belgium born Turkish pop singer and the rhythm of her songs will energize you during your flight J. Turkish Airlines (, a member of the Star Alliance Group ( and rated best airline in Europe for the last 7 years, connects Izmir via Istanbul from 124 countries and 304 cities. Time difference between most European Cities and Izmir is about an hour. Airline companies that directly fly to Izmir from major destinations include Pegasus, Thomas Cook, EasyJet, SunExpress, TUI, Atlas, Saudia, Lufthansa, Eurowings, Aer Lingus and Aegean.

You may take a boat, train and bus, or drive your car if you live in a neighboring country. These options are perfect to explore but they are also a little bit time consuming.

Language: We speak Turkish. Staff at hotels speaks other languages including English, German and French. Most university students are bilingual so if you need translation on the streets we recommend you to approach younger people.

Izmir: Now you have arrived in Izmir. Homer defined Izmir as the most beautiful city under the dome of the world. Izmir has been a tourist attraction and trade center throughout history. The city is a layer-by-layer partially discovered historical site dating back 7,000 years. Izmir is the third largest city of Turkey with a population of 4.2 Million people. We call her the pearl of the Aegean. Her mood is typically Mediterranean. People are usually lazy during daytime but energetic in the evenings and at night. Please be prepared to explore her as much as you like.

Airports: If you directly arrive in Izmir by an international flight you pick up your luggage and go through customs after passport control. Adnan Menderes International Airport has a new and modern building and directions are well marked. If you go through Istanbul International Airport your travel is a bit tricky. When you arrive in Istanbul you need to go through passport control here but you will receive your luggage in Izmir at the international arrivals area. Please ask for assistance when leaving the plane in Izmir. The staff will direct you.

Istanbul International Airport is brand new and huge. You may need to walk from the international wing of the terminal to the domestic wing. The airport is always crowded and you need to allocate appropriate time for this transfer. Istanbul receives hundreds of flights from 4 continents daily and personal proximity in the airport can be tighter than what you expect in anywhere else.

Transfer: There are several options for transfer from Adnan Menderes International Airport to the congress venue and city center. Distance is about 15 Km and duration is about 30 min. The shuttle bus is frequent, clean and inexpensive. Shuttles last stop in the city center is in front of Swissotel and it’s Convention Center. Taking a taxi is another option. All taxis are yellow colored and they wait just outside the exit. The taxi ride from the airport to the hotel should cost about 20 Euro one-way. If you decide to rent a car this will help you exploring the surroundings of the city. Finding a parking area at the city and convention center can be difficult and expensive. You should present your passport and valid international driving license while renting a car. Traffic in Izmir is fast and furious. We call it active driving and you can easily be distracted. Rush hours however are slow and nerve stretching.

Food: Turkish and Mediterranean cousins are worth experiencing. From simple to complex, you will enjoy everything from street food to high-end restaurants. Herbs, greens and fresh seafood are the most popular dining in Izmir. Ask your Concierge for a meze (small dishes like Spanish tapas) restaurant where locals go. You will be spoiled with the variety of freshly prepared food and drinks.

Smoking: Let us kindly remind you that this is a non-smoking meeting. Smoking is not permitted inside of restaurants, public service vehicles, museums, libraries, lifts, theatres, cinemas, supermarkets, department stores and government offices. There are also smoking restrictions on entertainment outlets, indoor public places such as shops, hotels, markets, terminals etc.

Swissotel Grand Efes: We have delicately chosen Swissotel Grand Efes and Convention Center for the EORS2020, Izmir Meeting. The oldest but newly renovated hotel is at the heart of Izmir. You will be staying in a serenity of gardens in the very center of the city with close proximity to all museums, attractions and waterfront restaurants and entertainment. If you wish to rest or read your book the green area of the hotel will give you this change. The art collection of the hotel deserves special attention. There are guided tours arranged by the hotel but you have to register at the front desk. We strongly recommend you to stay at the Swissotel Grand Efes and registrer through the congress web site for special prices.

More: Izmir is a city of opportunities and if you are looking for something more than our social program we recommend you visit,

Izmir Guides ( to schedule your events.

We also strongly recommend you to join our official guided tours ( to Ephesus, Pergamum and Pamukkale.

Emergency Phone Numbers: Ambulance 112, Fire Dept. 110, Police 155, Gendarmerie 156

If you wish to call the police or gendarmerie from your mobile than please dial +90(232)1551122 and +90(232)1560000, respectively.

A special police force called the “Tourism Police” who can speak your language can be reached from +90(232)4890500 ext 5175.

Back to the Airport: Driving to the airport after the magical time spent in Izmir and Turkey needs cautions. Traffic is always crowded during early morning and late afternoon rush hours and it may take you longer than you expect to drive from the hotel to the airport. Security checks are double at the airport that means you have to be screen two times before boarding. We strictly recommend you to follow international rules for flights and arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior your flight.

We wish you safe travels and for further questions please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

Sincerely yours,

Local Organizing Committee