EORS2020, Izmir – Headings and Sub-Headings (Tentative)

Injury and Repair 

-Gene therapy

-Regenerative orthopedics

-Stem cells and cellular therapies


-Biomaterials and nanomaterials

Joint Cartilage and Tendon Mechanobiology

-Joint cartilage regeneration


-Tendon regeneration

Orthopedic Biomechanics

-Musculoskeletal cellular mechanics

-MEMS (Implantable technology)

-Wearable technology

-Additive manufacturing

-Osteoporosis and microgravity

-Molecular orthopedics


-Implants and surfaces

-Clinical biomechanics

-Joint replacement



-Mechanical testing standards

-Intra-operative navigation and robotic surgery

-Motion analysis and gait

-Disc degeneration and regeneration

-The peripheral nerve

-Preventing researcher burnout