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Co-Creation Based Transformation in R&D and Innovation for Health Oriented Impact

Measuring and Managing Heterogeneity in Native connective Tissue Stem and Progenitor Cell Populations – Implications for Optimization of Cell Sourcing for Clinical Cell Therapies

George F. Muschler

Modulating Inflammation to Facilitate Bone Healing: From the Laboratory to Preclinical Animal Models

Recent Advances of Commercialization of Regenerative Medicinal Products

Physician Communication: Connecting with Patients, Peers, and the Public


Rational For And Clinical Performance Of Dual Mobility Cups In Total Hip ARTHROPLASTY

Targeted Therapy for Chondrosarcoma

Advances in Understanding of Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis: Implications for Treatment of Joint Injuries

Regenerative Treatment of Rotator Cuff Defects with Stem Cell Seeded Collagen Biotextiles

Ozan Akkus




Spastic Muscle, Surgery and Botulinum Toxin Type-A: How Can Our New Findings Be Utilized in the Clinics?

Can Yücesoy




Tomosynthesis Imaging in Bone Quality Assessment

UHMWPE as a Therapeutic Agent Delivery Vehicle

Orhun Muratoglu




Gene Based Approach To Bone Regeneration Using Non-Viral Methods

Hasan Uludağ




The Preparation of Bone-like Tissue by Seeding Osteoblast on Porous Calcium Crosslinked Alginate Scaffolds and Cultured in Self-Designed Bioreactor

Feng-Huei Lin




Bone A Dump or Drug Seeking Moiety?

Orthopaedic Education and Training in Europe. How Should We Certify Orthopaedic Surgeons

Bone Void Fillers in Orthopedics